Day 66- Experimenting with Adrenaline and Oxytocin

Today I went to a workshop with Michel Odent, the workshop topic was mostly on Oxytocin- the love and bonding chemical.  We discussed natural oxytocin and synthetic oxytocin.  Michel talked about how Adrenaline cancels out Oxytocin and how we need to get out of our Neo-Cortex (thinking brain) in order to have both an orgasm and give birth (not usually at the same time).  He gave us ways to get out of the Neo-Cortex and into the more primal parts of our brain.  The workshop was very stimulating, especially since I am a total geek about bio-chemistry.  I came home really excited about my work and started writing and writing and writing.  My partner initiated sex with me.  We were both really in our heads and I so wasn’t in a space for intimacy, but we have both committed to regular romps, so I obliged.  The room was perfectly set up to stimulated my Neo-Cortex, and plenty of Adrenaline.  We had on very bright lights, which were shinning right down on us.  We were on a hard floor surrounded by computer wires and electrical cables.  We hardly breathed.  The sexual experience was so bad that we ended up laughing hysterically.  I told him I was going to do an experiment and go self-pleasure in an environment that would produce an oxytocin state.  I went into the love loft where it was pitch dark.  I was alone.  I did repetitive breathing patterns to help get me out of my head.  I had a clitoral orgasm in a matter of moments.  It was late, so as usually I was up, my mind probably would have kept me up anyway.