Day 35- 4th of July Waterworks

It’s been a very long week, loads of work, but I even though I still had work to do today, I made sure it was still filled with pleasure.  First off the day started with some very special fruit pancakes.  And throughout the day I enjoyed some really great ripe fruit, plums, apricots, peaches and a carrot mango smoothie.  There was some hiking too and some singing and dancing.  As the day wound down I slipped away to a steam shower where I played with triggering orgasm through scent with my essential oils.  And of course I did a little U-spot stimulation (urethral opening/g-spot head) which triggered some ejaculatory waterworks.  I then proceeded to brushing my hair and my teeth, while craving connection with my partner.  He’s agreed to help me film tonight, that way we’ll have some time for some intimacy together.  YAY!!!!