Day 60 & 61- Before and After Lovemaking

I just wasn’t in the mood for sex.  My partner and I had planned an intimacy session together, but I felt really in my head and was having a hard time switching gears from work.  I took a shower and decided to do a little self pleasuring to get in the mood.  Boy was I resistant!  I just couldn’t get into the right head space.  A little genital touch in the shower did help get me feeling a bit more open to the idea and I was ready by the time my shower ended.  We climbed up into the love loft, but just as we got things started the baby started crying.  I went down to soothe him back to sleep.  Back up in the loft we got going again with a little foreplay, but the baby woke a second time.  Third attempt, but to no avail.  The baby must have had “sex dar” tonight.  By the time I finally got him asleep for good, my partner was pleasantly snoring away in the love loft.  It was after midnight, a new day, so I thought I’d try a little self pleasure to help me relax.  I went out to the living room and there in the darkness proceeded to do a little self touch, but it seemed so unsuccessful.  I still couldn’t get into it.  I have so many tools to help me overcome moments like these, but I just wanted to sleep or work.  And since this is all about self pleasure, that’s what I proceeded to do: Sleep.