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Day 55- 1 Minute Erotic Trance

Another 14 hour day teaching at our Super Sex Life Make-Over.  I did a demo for the group on Erotic Trance.  I closed my eyes and quickly used my breath and self touch to go deep into my sensuality and erotic energy.  It’s so hard to describe this experience.  We don’t have words for moving erotic energy, for orgasms that happen from just a thought, or even touching through your clothes.  I have to admit that I am exhibitionist, so having people witness me adds to the experience.  After my one minute erotic trance demonstration the group seemed in awe.  One man exclaimed “I want to do that!”.  Luckily I have filmed what this looks like, since it’s so hard to put into words.  It’s really the first film I ever wanted to make, and I’m going to edit it myself.  It’s my first project where I am editing by myself.  I’m so excited for it.

Day 54- Belly Dancing on my Hand

I’m teaching 14 hour days with  Sheri Winston and Ellen Heed.  Tonight Ellen led a class where we learned how to touch certain areas on our pelvis in order to aid in relaxation and emotional release around our sexuality.  We held certain points on the pelvis like the front of the hip bones, the back of the hip bones, the pelvic bone and sacrum (the triangular bone at the base of the spine).  It was deeply relaxing which left me in a very aroused state.  It was close to midnight when I arrived home.  I laid down exhausted and energized from a day of teaching.  I placed my hand on my pubic bone.  I held my hips and I added movement.  I used to teach and performing as a belly dancer so I started moving my pelvis the way I would if I were dancing. I placed the heal of my hand on my pubic bone, with my fingers over my vulva and began to move, to find all the sweet pleasurable spots before drifting off to sleep.

Day 40- Part Two- Exploring Vaginal Orgasms

As a continuation of a glorious day (see part one for the begining), I decided to explore Vaginal Pleasure.  This was inspired by a question I recieved from a woman asking about how to cultivate vaginal orgasms.  I’m working on my newest book with Ellen Heed and we were talking about the pelvic nerve and it’s connection to vaginal orgasms.  See, with deep penetration after lots of arousal, the pelvic nerve is stimulated which is related to downregulation of your nervous system.  Relaxation is also vital to extended vaginal orgasms.  But so is the excitement of sexual arousal.  That’s why clitoral stimulation is also important.  I talk a lot about excitement and enjoyment, tenstion and relaxation, when both are present you are more likely to experience clitoral and vaginal orgasms.

In choosing my session today I went for a larger Nobesssence Pleasure Object.  Large sex toys intimidate me, therefore, I usually stay away from them.  I am glad I got over my fear and gave this beautiful piece of wood a try.  I am always very impressed at the design.  These toys work perfect for my body.  I started with stimulation to my clit with the end of the toy, then moved to teasing at the entrance of my vagina.  I slowly worked my way in, first with the tip and eventually moving to deep penetration.  I used my other hand to stimulate my clitoris while usinge the toy for repeated penetration.  I worked with a

Day 33- A Relaxed Late Night

It’s ten till midnight and I’ve just had a fantastically deep orgasm.  I’ve noticed that my arousal is definitly up, and D. Love and I missed our intimacy time today due to not being able to get a sitter, so I’ve been in need of my self love sessions for sure!  Tonight was another late one.  It started about 30 minutes ago and I was determined not to make it a quickie and got into my pattern.  I set the intention to stay very relaxed and to notice when any tension came into my body at all.  If tension crept in a backed off, relaxed and dove back into the pleasure.  For some reason tonight I really noticed sound: the crickets outside, the hum of the refridgerator, the pops and creaks in the house.  I was incredibly tired.  I’ve been working extra because I’m working on my postpartum sexuality project with Ellen Heed, and we’ve been writing and writing.  At any rate, the exhaustion was a benefit because it helped to keep me relaxed.  I mostly focused on clitoral stimulation with gential massage techniques from my book and DVDs.  I like practicing what I preach, so using my own techniques is important to me.  I played with Jilling Off a lot, that’s one of my favorites.  I kept getting close to orgasm, but backing off, in order to stay relaxed.  When the orgasm did come it was deep, long lasting and very satisfying.  I haven’t had one like that in a long time!