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Day 16- Aromatherapy and Orgasm

I’ve heard that smell can trigger orgasms because of the link between the olfactory nerve and memory centers of the brain.  So I decided to go ahead and experiment with this by using some Frankincense oil.  I love Frankincense because it reminds me of annointing.  I love thinking of Goddesses annointing their lovers with fresh Frankincense oil.  So I will experiment with Frankincense as a trigger to orgasm.  I took some deep inhales of the scent and then rubbed the oil into my feet.  I payed special attention to the place at the bottom of my foot that the Taoist refer to as the bubbling spring.  From there I hopped onto my massage table where I massaged my nether regions with the Inspire Massage Wand.  I played with a variety of techniques including putting the Inspire on my finger which I placed on my clitoris.  I notice that my orgasms with a vibrator are short and light as opposed to the deeper more intense orgasms that I get from using my hands.