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Day 93- Dreams, Fairies, and Nipples

Dreams of juicy sex!  Woke up wanting to play…but had to wait.  My co-author Jon Hanauer and I were supposed to be on Playboy Radio today.  But it was cancelled due to the Hostess Tiffany Granath being sick. I hope she is feeling better.  Since I now had the day free I did a lot catch up writing, but took a break for my Self-Pleasure practice.  I climbed up into the love loft, where I plugged in a new Massage Wand.  It’s called the Fairy Wand.  I was also sent the attachment for internally stimulation but it was smelly.  I was hesitant to try it because I wasn’t sure about toxicity, it’s important not to put toxic stuff in our vaginas. (So I checked the site and the attachment it totally body safe- maybe I should have checked it out so that I could relax about it!) I didn’t get all that into it.  I was worried about the toxic smell and my wrists were really hurting from all of the writing I’ve been doing.  I spent more time massaging my wrists with the Fairy Wand.  Hey, this is self pleasure and if my genitals aren’t feeling it then why not go somewhere else on my body?  Massaging my wrists did bring me pleasure.

I also finally tried the pretty little nipple clamps that Eden Fantasys sent me.  I think because I am still breastfeeding I just wasn’t into it.  I was more interested in putting them on my clit. And at a later date I could see using them on my partner.  I gave up on clamps and the fairy wand and went to a wooden toy by Nobessesnce and with my own clitoral stimulation until I had a great orgasm.

Day 64 & 65- Erotic Fairy Tales and Phone Sex Research

Day 64- Another late night session.  Got out a book on Erotic Fairy Tales called In Sleeping Beauty’s Bed.  I read two stories.  I love to read, I grew up devouring books.  I loved romance novels from a very early age and I love fairy tales, so I thought that this would be a great combination.  But what I found was that they were too metaphoric for me.  I wanted a little bit more meat.  Everyone was virginal and it just didn’t do much for me.  I admit I have to read some more stories to delve deeper into the world of Erotic Fairy tales and although they were pretty metaphoric, it was still a bit of a turn on, which was good since I’ve been so in my head lately.

Day 65- Today I was on Playboy Radio, a guy named Jeff called in and gave me a suggestion for my 101 Days of Self Pleasure.  He Recommended that I try Phone Sex.  I admit I have never tried this or thought of it, but why not!  I came home to do a little research on the topic.  In my google search I came upon Betty Dodson’s site, I’d love for her to give me some homework!  At any rate, I found a 1-800 number to call, but thought I’d do a little more research before actually doing it.  It was late an night and if I’m going to do it, I want to have an orgasm.  I’ve been frustrated with not having an orgasm with all these evening sessions.  Why bother self pleasuring when I can’t have an orgasm!  Maybe that’s the wrong attitude, but sure do like my orgasms.  I did a little genital touch with dreams of having phone sex.  One days soon, I promise.