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Day 18- Pleasure Waves

Decided to self-pleasure in my delux hotel room in Scotland.  Started by massaging my breast with Breast Balm, they’re really sore from all the milk pumping since I am away from my baby, so I treated them nice.  I set the intention to really get in touch with my feminine side, so often I live in the masculine (making business decisions, running the household, managing finances).  I wanted to just let go and surrender.  I thought that perhaps my own masculine could take me through the Pleasure Wave Formula I have been working on.  I started with safety, just making myself feel safe as I lay in the bed.  I took some deep breaths.  From there I played with my body with light arousing touch.  Back into stillness I drifted between sleep and awake.  Then into medium arousal, back into stillness, to higer arousal with combined g-spot and clitoral stimulation, until I had a wonderful orgasm, which I spread all over my body.  I sat in stillness again to notice how I felt different from when I began.  When I showed up at the conference I felt like I was glowing!  What a way to start!