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Days 27 & 28- Sacred Sexuality/Energy Sex

This weekend was awesome!  I was teaching my women’s Sacred Sexuality course, which included practices from Tantra, Shamanism, and Taoist Sexuality.  I was very inspired to take more time out for self-nurturing and daily practice.  Over the weekend I moved a TON of sexual energy/sensation through my whole body.  Some of the practices that I did include- Vajra Yogini, FireBreath Orgasm, Sexual Shamanism, Erotic Trance,and Taoist Sexual Restoration.  Needless to say my pelvic floor feels great and I had a lot of energy orgasms.  YAY!  I love this stuff.  I have such a “real” felt experience of it all and feel very comfortable in this world.  Maybe it’s time to start incorporating aspects of sacred sex into my everyday practice!

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